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Mercedes-Benz EQS 2023​

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Pushing the legendary S-Class into the electric age, the new Mercedes EQS is a fantastic entry into the luxury EV market. With a successful predecessor, Mercedes was sure to pull out all the stops for this luxury sedan. This Mercedes Benz EQS rental in Miami might be the most advanced car on the road. While there may be no roaring V8 in this beast, the EQS can still move quickly. With an electric motor on each axle, the Mercedes EQS outputs 516 horsepower and 611 lb-ft of torque. With an advanced all-wheel-drive system, the EQS can change the amount of power heading to each axle, further refining the driving experience. The 0-60 mph time for the EQS sits at about 3.7 seconds, making it quicker than its gasoline-powered S-Class cousin. With an EPA-rated range of 340 miles, you won’t be heading to a charging station anytime soon. If you did need to charge the EQS, you’d discover a 10-80 percent charge in just about 30 minutes.