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Rental Terms & Renter Requirements

  •  All renters and additional drivers must be 21 or older and have a major credit card (or for some vehicles, a bank-issued debit card) and a valid drivers license. 
  • Renter must provide proof of full coverage, transferrable auto insurance policy in their name with sufficient coverage for vehicle rented.
  • Renter full coverage auto insurance policy requires the following coverages to reflect (only for the rental duration, you can increase your limits temporarily with your insurance company if needed)for Luxury Car Rentals.
  • Renter must have liability coverage of at least 100/300/100 — meaning, $100,000 in body injury liability insurance per person, $300,000 in bodily injury liability per accident, and $100,000 in property damage liability per accident. If your limits are lower than this, you can temporarily increase your limits with your insurance carrier. You can also purchase supplemental liability insurance for your rental HERE
  1. Comprehensive: with a maximum $1,000 deductible.
  2. Collision: with a maximum $1,000 deductible.
  3. Uninsured Motorist Property DamageCoverage with limits of $75k – $100,000 (Depending on vehicle)

Licenses from outside the USA or Canada also may require an international driver’s permit. International driver’s permits are valid only if presented with the original local license. Individuals with learner permits, and temporary or restricted licenses are not eligible to rent.

Method of Payment

We accept all major credit cards. For some vehicles and renters, a MAJOR bank-issued debit card may be accepted. We also accept Zelle payments for rentals with the deposit taken on a major credit card. We DO NOT accept cash or pre-paid debit cards or cards from a secondary bank.

Security Deposits

An authorization of $500.00 – $2,000.00 USD above the cost of the rental will be taken and the funds will not be available for your use until after the vehicle has been returned. Cash, prepaid cards, and money orders are NOT acceptable forms of rental deposits. Once a reservation is received, we will reach out to you in 1 hour to confirm the details and pricing of the rental. Refunds of your deposit or any other funds owed to you are posted by Luxury Car Rentals of Atlanta within 24 hours of the close of your contract when you return the vehicle. However, depending on your financial institution can take up to 10 days to process.

Booking Deposit

Once your reservation is verified, a booking deposit of 50% of your total rental or $500 (whichever is more) will be charged. This deposit will be forfeited if you don’t cancel or change your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your rental. If you make your reservation within 24 hours of your rental, this deposit is completely non-refundable.

No Smoking Policy

It is important for us to provide each client with a comfortable environment, therefore smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles. Should this policy be violated a penalty of a minimum of $500 will be imposed.

Additional Drivers

We want all of our renters/drivers to enjoy their dream vehicles, if you would like to share the experience with another driver, the driver must meet all of the same requirements as the main driver and must be present at the time of rental. There is a daily fee of $25.00 a day for additional Drivers. Forfeiture of your entire deposit will occur if we discover an unauthorized driver has driven or is in possession of your rental vehicle. Also, insurance does NOT cover unauthorized renters and you will be responsible for all damages if an accident occurs.

Fuel Policy

We ask for the courtesy of other renters that you return the vehicle at the same fuel level you received it. If we have to refuel the vehicle on your behalf there is an additional convenience fee per gallon. All vehicles require premium/highest octane gas, if this is violated a penalty of $500 will be imposed.

Restricted Driving Area

We would like our vehicles to remain within the state of Florida, however we realize that being close to several other states makes it a perfect beginning point for a road trip. We allow our vehicles to be driven to neighboring states as long as we have a prior request from the renter/driver. The renter/Driver will be responsible for additional miles.

Delivery/Pick Up

CCMC Car Rentals of Atlanta is happy to provide delivery/pick up as long as all rental documents are received in advance. A Delivery fee will be charged depending on your Delivery/Pickup Location.

Rental Period

Our rentals are calculated on a 24-hour basis. A day rental is a 24-hour period, a Weekend is Friday thru Monday, and a Weekly rate is 7 days. A charge of $100-$300 per hour is billed for rentals over 60 minutes late. Any rental that exceeds 3 hours after the scheduled return time will be billed an extra day unless a waiver is granted. A $250 recovery fee will be assessed for any rental that needs to be recovered due to non-return.

Refund Policy

While it is CCMC Car Rentals of Florida goal to provide unbeatable service, we do not provide any refunds or returns of any kind. If you have concerns of any kind during your rental period, please contact us immediately so we can make appropriate arrangements to keep you satisfied with our service.

Tickets, Parking Violations, and Other Fees

Renters are responsible for any parking, traffic, speeding, certain toll bridge tickets, or any other violations issued during their rental period. The renter is also responsible for any fees, penalties, towing charges, impound costs, and any other monies that are associated with the vehicle during the rental.

No Guarantees

While we do our very best to offer a seamless rental experience for all of our clients, at times unforeseen circumstances can arise. Therefore we cannot guarantee a specific vehicle color. If for some reasons the vehicle you have reserved is not available will provide you with a vehicle in an equal or greater class.

Prohibited Use of Vehicle

Our vehicles may not be used by anyone without a valid driver’s license; to surpass any legally posted speed limit; to drive recklessly and or haphazardly; by anyone not listed as an additional driver on the rental agreement; in any speed test, speed contest, race, runs, rally, speed endurance contest, demonstration, or on or near any race track or road course (this is not covered by our and very likely not covered by your insurance policy); to push or town anything; to drive off-road or on any other unpaved or unfinished surface; for anything other than personal and private use, OR for any illegal purposes. Violation of any of these items will result in a forfeit of your ENTIRE rental deposit.

Grace Period

We understand that unforeseen circumstances including traffic can play a part in a delayed return of a rental vehicle, as a courtesy we provide a 30 minute  grace period on all rental returns.Extra hour charges of $100-$300 per hour will be incurred at the 30 minute mark if the vehicle is returned more than 30 minutes past the original rental time. After 3 hours late, you will be charged an extra day’s rental. A $250 recovery fee will be assessed if we need to recover your vehicle for non-return.